Who Is in Charge Of Your Life?

By Sir Paul Torres

Most people are not aware of how much influence over their health and life they actually have. We all have much more power than we think. When you get a cut on your finger, you do not have to look at your finger and go through the steps of healing it. We expect it to heal and our bodies heal on their own! If our bodies are able to heal without us thinking about it, then how much better of a healer could you be if you put your mind to it?

We all have the gift of healing! It’s a matter of believing we have it and choosing to express the gift. It has been said that we create our own reality through our focus, beliefs and emotions. If it’s true, then are we not responsible for where we are in life and what we are bringing into our experience? Look at the good you experience the first thing in the morning. Is it not a miracle that you wake up every morning and the sun rises?

When we move our thoughts from our minds and drop into our loving hearts, positive creation can take place. If it is true that every thought is a prayer, as Betsy Morgan says, then “what are you praying for” throughout the day? Are you complementing yourself, or are you judging yourself and others? Are your thoughts harmonizing with your actions to create positively, or are you putting yourself down and supporting negative creation? We have control – choice over our thinking.

Take time during the day to be still. Clear your mind of past and future and be PRESENT. Do your best to forgive yourself and everyone of anything and everything you think wronged you or caused you pain. Let it go. The physical world is an expression of thought and thought is the source of our physical reality, not the other way around. Hanging on to unforgiveness makes you sick…and creates chaos. Next, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. RELAX. Now drop into your heart and remember that you are perfect in Gods eyes. See yourself that way. Fill your heart and soul with positive, high vibrational thoughts. At the end of the day it all comes down to LOVE. “Love is all there is,” says A Course in Miracles.

Sir Paul offers one-on-one, as well as distant healing! He is retired military, serving both in the Navy and the Army, and lives in Albuquerque. Sliding scale available. Phone 505-450-2108 Email: paultorres0513@yahoo.comsirpaulspiritualhealer.com.

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