About Sir Paul

paul-torres-2All of Paul’s life, he has been a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Since he retired from the Army, he realized that this facet has begun to take a larger impact on his passion-to the point where he just had to allow it to express itself. This led to a spontaneous transmission from Christ Himself who told Paul that he was to receive his second Baptism. This time, the Baptism was to be in a river, led by a Catholic Priest and to be in the presence of his brothers, nephews and his son. Interestingly enough, all of these men had lost a major male family member within the last few years. Jesus explained they all had a role to play in releasing their grief and embracing Faith, Hope and Renewal. This Baptism occurred on September 1, 2016, and has resulted in Paul’s increased energetic and spiritual gifts of healing. People have reported miraculous results by being in his presence and receiving energy and prayer. Paul explains that it has nothing to do with him, but the Father Within, the belief in the Love of Jesus Christ and the willingness to receive His Unconditional Love. When these three elements are present, the participant always receives a healing. Paul is very excited, yet humbled by this gift, and has chosen to give the remainder of his life to the Service of Jesus Christ.


To contact Paul for a remote healing, visit the Services Page or you can email Paul at paultorres0513@yahoo.com