Thank You Sir Paul for the healing from yesterday.  I do Feel much better and Feel the light  and the présence of Jesus in my house. S.E. – France 

Thank you for today’s session, I felt it helped me. D. -Oregon

Thank you, Sir Paul! This really is an answer to my prayers! C.F.

Dear Paul, thank you so much for the wonderful session you did… I have been “flying” for at least 24 hours for the wonderful energy you sent… incredible… So pure R.C. -Italy 

Hi Paul, Just thinking of you.  Still with gratitude in my heart for your healing service you gave me a couple of wks. ago.  Thanks to you and beloved Jesus I have daily spoken to divine source.  Prior to this I only called upon the Angels, other Ascended Masters, etc. You successed  in having Jesus touch my heart.  I thank you. P.P.-Nevada