Who Are You and Why Are You Here?

By Sir Paul Torres

Your answers govern everything you do, everything you choose and the life you create and live.

Ask yourself, “WHO AM I?” I can lead you into a realization, such as “made in the image and likeness of God,” but what does that mean to you? I believe you are a creator; that we each are here to discover our individual passions and create life around them…living heaven on earth. By and doing so, we are contributing to humanity. In my classes, we go into this more deeply, through channeling, healings, and a process of self-discovery.

Everything you need to accomplish your purpose and reason for being is already within you. All you have to do is remember. Do this: Ask loving Beings of Light from the Realms of Illumined Truth to help you. Ask Jesus, Spiritual Masters or the One you love and trust to help you. There is an answer – and you will know when you receive it…it’s like an inner realization, a deep “aha”.

You are a child of light. You are divine and you are so loved!

My Classes can be life-transforming. They can awaken within you the remembrance of who you are and why you are on Earth during this auspicious time. Your time is NOW!

When Jesus said to his disciples, “Our Father Who art in Heaven…” Notice that he didn’t say, “MY Father…” Jesus distinctly said OUR Father. Jesus meant that “God is just as much YOUR Father as He is Mine”. Jesus wants us to know that we are ONE WITH Him, with God and All That Is.

Sir Paul offers one-on-one, as well as distant healing! He is retired military, serving both in the Navy and the Army, and lives in Albuquerque. Phone 505-450-2108 Email: paultorres0513@yahoo.comsirpaulspiritualhealer.com  Sliding scale available.

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